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The vaccination programme has considerably scaled up due to the opening of our two most recent sites. We are currently asking for all over 70’s, 75s and over 80s to book their appointments. They will have details of how to do this in their invitation letter.

Letters to the 70-74 cohort have been dispatched and we will open the booking system to include this age group from Thursday (28 January).

Please urge relatives, members of the public, friends and family who fit into these priority cohorts to book by using or by calling 0115 883 4640

Covid-19 Vaccination Letters

Two types of letters are being sent out to those who are eligible – one from the local NHS and one from the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service.

The local letter – sent out by the CCG – will direct patients to Local Vaccination Services. In Nottingham and Nottinghamshire we now have seven Local Vaccination Services offering vaccinations to the public alongside three Hospital Hubs.

The national letter – from the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service – will give the public the option of having

the vaccine at a large Vaccination Centre, or potentially a community pharmacy depending on whether these are available locally.

It is important to note that the public will only receive a letter from the national NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service if they live within 30-45 minutes drive of one of these sites. Therefore, very few Nottinghamshire residents will have received one of these letters previously. However, now we have a large site in our patch we expect more people to receive these letters which has the potential to cause some confusion. Please see attached a simple graphic that you can use to explain the difference between the two types of letters.

Care Homes and the Housebound

The Covid-19 vaccination programme in care homes is successfully underway across the county and city. Nearly all older persons care homes have now received the vaccine and the few that haven’t have been due to clinical reasons. Over the weekend GPs from a number of practices supported this collaborative work in a final push to vaccinate and protect our most vulnerable as quickly as possible. The national directive is that we start to vaccinate homes for those with Learning Disabilities after 15th February, unless residents have specifically been flagged as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable which puts them in Cohort 4.  Our roving team and GPs are ready to start the process for Learning Disability homes in line with the national timetable.

The NHS is contacting those who are housebound by letter. This letter, which has been dispatched, will have details on how they can receive a Covid-19 vaccine. Our dedicated ‘roving team’ will be delivering the vaccinations. Please find latest information on this service, including a detailed FAQ, here.

Hospital Hubs: We have three sites, Queen’s Medical Centre, King’s Mill Hospital and Nottingham City Hospital.

Local Vaccination Services: As of this week, we now have seven sites live, including the Forest Recreation Ground site, which went live over the weekend.

The sites are:

  • Ashfield Health Village

  • Richard Herrod Leisure Centre

  • Gamston Community Centre

  • Cripps Medical Centre (University Park)

  • King’s Meadow Campus

  • Newark Showground

  • Forest Recreation Ground

Vaccination Centres: On Monday, Mansfield Vaccination Centre officially went live. You can read more about the site here.


Nottinghamshire Vaccination Programme urgently needs volunteers across 7 different locations to support the NHS to deliver the Vaccination Programme. Shifts are available 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm. Volunteers must be under 70 and in good health, some roles involve working outside. If you think you can help, please ring 01636 610773 to get more details and register your interest with the Team.

Home-schooling: How to help your child’s online learning

BBC Bitesize has lots of content divided into subject and age categories, with much new material added since March.

The BBC will also show curriculum content on TV every weekday from Monday, 11 January:

  • Primary-school programming, including BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily, from 09:00 to 12:00 on CBBC. This channel can be found at 201 on Freeview and 607 on Sky.

  • At least two hours of programming to support the GCSE curriculum on BBC Two

Please wait until you receive your letter to book your Covid vaccination. Click here for more information

Please see the information we have received from the  NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Nottinghamshire.  Please share this information with family members and people you know who may not have access to or who use the internet.

 We are sharing this information in order to inform as many people as we possibly can. Elderly relatives may receive phone calls or letters and may need reassurance or support to get to an appointment.  You  may be accompanied by 1 person if needed.

How the COVID-19 vaccine is given

The COVID-19 vaccine is given as an injection into your upper arm.

It’s given as 2 doses, at least 21 days apart.

How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in the UK was developed by Pfizer/BioNTech.

It has met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Any coronavirus vaccine that is approved must go through all the clinical trials and safety checks all other licensed medicines go through. The MHRA follows international standards of safety.

Other vaccines are being developed. They will only be available on the NHS once they have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe and effective.

So far, thousands of people have been given a COVID-19 vaccine and reports of serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, have been very rare. No long-term complications have been reported.

Read about the approved Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for COVID-19 by MHRA on GOV.UK

How effective is the COVID-19 vaccine?

After having both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine most people will be protected against coronavirus.

It takes a few weeks after getting the 2nd dose for it to work.

There is a small chance you might still get coronavirus even if you have the vaccine.

This means it is important to:

  • continue to follow social distancing guidance

  • if you can, wear something that covers your nose and mouth in places where it’s hard to stay away from other people

Please follow this link to find out more


We want to say  a massive thanks to all the Warsop Parish Churches, Schools, Warsop and surround support group, Community Groups, friends, and individual volunteers who are working in many different ways to come together and support each other at this time. There are  so many people from so many nations in the world who are supporting each other at this very challenging time.  Everyone doing what they can,  is highlighting what a strong and compassionate community we live in.

Every day we are in lockdown we hear of peoples personal challenges and of the most wonderful people doing what they can to make things easier.  Loving, caring individuals who are just getting on and doing acts of kindness – long may it continue.

None of us know how long this kind of support is going to be needed and as people start to get back to work they are having to reduce the volunteer support they can give.  As time goes on, for some, things are going to get more difficult so we want to remind everyone that there is specialist support available.  Please follow this link to find out more

Useful Numbers for Warsop Parish During Covid 19