9th December

Warsop Inner Wheel would like to wish everyone in Warsop and the Surrounding Areas a very Merry Christmas and a safe and hopeful New Year. We would like to share with you some instructions on how to make a Christmas Rainbow Wreath.

Hanging up a wreath is a lovely way to get into the festive spirit, but making one is even better. This wreath is easy to make, it is really attractive and it is very different. Rainbow’s are a symbol of hope, that even on the rainiest of day’s the sun will shine again, and bring with it light and colour. We have a lot to be hopeful for moving into the New Year after what has been such a difficult year.

Here is an update on what we have been doing over the past few months:

Warsop Inner Wheel has just celebrated its 48 anniversary, and whilst we couldn’t have our usual celebration at the Hostess, we enjoyed a celebration over Zoom , where we were joined by  District Chairman Margaret and guest speaker Steven Goff.

Warsop has a strong tradition of supporting local and international charities and, of course we have had to become creative to continue this tradition. We continue to make face coverings with different themes such as Poppy, Halloween, Christmas and general designs with over 650 being made . The first 150 were donated to Front line workers and the remainder being sold to raise funds for AGE UK Nottinghamshire befriending service. All the materials have been donated by members and the majority being made by member Christine Parkin.

Another member who is an excellent photographer has taken some lovely photographs and has made them into cards and sold them. And we are very blessed to have some fantastic flower arrangers in the club who are taking orders for Christmas wreaths and selling them to raise funds for our chosen charities this year.

Members have also donated unwanted items that have been sold  on eBay to raise funds for the club presidents charity Diabetes UK.

The club meets monthly by zoom since the first lockdown, although we did manage one socially distanced meeting at the Fretwell centre before the restrictions were tightened, it was lovely to see our friends face to face. The club has 46 members and they keep in touch in several ways such as a monthly newsletter, the club almoner has done an amazing job of making sure everyone is aright and prior to the full lockdown there have been garden visits as well as telephone calls and emails.

Following on our traditions member Shirley Townroe created a beautiful flower arrangement on the club anniversary to remember past members who were no longer with us. A wreath was also placed on Warsop memorial during remembrance weekend.

Try todays quiz and come back for the answers on Saturday 19th. Good luck!