Clearways Counselling

Clearways Counselling has 17 counsellors, all of whom are volunteers. Support is offered for children aged 10 upwards and adults. If you are struggling to cope with stress and anxiety, please get in touch.

Find us at: 170 Beck Crescent. Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Telephone: 07988 756095


Find us on Facebook at:



Clearways Counselling on Mondays, 12noon to 3pm at The Shed, Wood Street, Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire, NG20 0AX.



The Under 25s Counselling and Support Group is for people living with stress, worries, depression and anger issues. The group offers a safe space for you to explore your feelings in a group counselling setting. One-to-one counselling is also available.

The group meets in Mansfield Library on Tuesday t 3.30pm. One-to-one counselling sessions are offered across the district in several community venues at a cost of £3.50. This gives you access to a trained counsellor, networking with people of a similar age and experiences in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Under 25s group has its own Facebook page at