Warsop Footpaths & Countryside Group


Warsop Footpaths & Countryside Group is a community group whose members share an interest in the countryside. Here are some of the things we do:

  • maintain the public footpath network in Warsop
  • undertake conservation projects
  • promote the local natural environment and heritage
  • monitor Warsop’s wildlife and
  • organise a programme of walks.

Where and when we meet

We usually meet for a work session lasting around three hours on Thursday mornings.

Our group walks take place on the third Saturday of most months.

Contact Details

Project – Perambulation of the Manor of Warsop

Our Warsop 1816 to 2016 project is celebrating the anniversary of the 1816 Perambulation of the Manor of Warsop. It is supported by Big Warsop ROLO and the Heritage Lottery Fund.  It includes guided walks along the best bits of the Warsop parish boundary

Warsop 1816

Reviving the ‘ancient custom’ described in the Warsop 1816 Permabulation account in Warsop’s Tudor Barn.

Bread, cheese and ale were consumed on Hanger Hill in 1816 and we followed their example as we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the perambulation.

Stories from the 1816 account were retold, we had two quizzes pasted on aspects of our local heritage and we reflected on the changes to the parish’s landscape over the past two centuries.

Celebration Event at Warsop Tudor Barn


More information about this project can be found at Facebook.com/Warsop1816