Warsop Town Hall Group


We are a community group, with a shared interest in the future of Warsop Town Hall. 

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Who are we?

We are a group of Warsop residents who came together in 2021 to form a community group following the survey about the future of our Town Hall held by Warsop Parish Council.

We are now looking into alternative ways to run the Town Hall and its services.

Our Vision

To place the Town Hall at the heart of the community, providing a sustainable, secure, culturally diverse and accessible space that is valued and supported by the people of the local district and community.

Our Mission

To promote, enable and facilitate inclusive activities, which embrace and address the education, training, employment, welfare, health, social, cultural and recreational needs of the local community.

Our Aims

To keep the building available, accessible and safe for the use of local people and others.

To enable a range of social welfare, educational, training and health activities responding to the needs of local people.

To provide access to advice and information for all sections of the community.

To provide good quality services to users of the Centre.

To consult with the local community so that we keep up to date with local issues and where possible, advocate and support the local community.

To be financially sustainable.

About the group

We are entirely voluntary and independent of local councils. We consist of residents from all backgrounds and professional sectors.

We have a shared interest in the building and feel strongly about the need for its preservation and regeneration.

We meet regularly, remain in frequent contact and share work between ourselves. We have formed a committee with a social media presence, we are working on a business plan and with the support of Vibrant Warsop and Big Warsop we are looking to form a Community Interest Company to take this project further.

The road ahead

In February 2022 we were given a 12-month deadline by Warsop Parish Council to put a case together and seek alternative funding to keep the Town Hall open. We have until February 2023 to complete this mission.

We are very serious about our aims and will give this our best shot in hope that we can save and preserve this historic building and its central services. The Town Hall has long since provided much- needed community support and has the potential to accommodate even more. That is what we are fighting for. We do not want to lose another building.

We have to take a stand or it may be lost

How you can help

Do you want to help us preserve a key part of our heritage and ensure that Warsop does not lose even more of its identity?

The future of Warsop Town Hall is in our hands.

We want a Warsop we can be proud of, a parish with community services at its heart and a community hub for everyone to play a part in.

We know that the task we face is huge. In order to convince the powers that be, i.e. Warsop Parish and Mansfield District Council and potential funders that our cause should be taken seriously we need to show that we have the support of the wider community.

So be part of this conversation.

Here’s how you can help

If you support the aims of this Group and would like to be kept informed of developments, please register your support by completing the contact form.

However, if you feel strongly about this and have the time, ideas or skills to make a positive contribution in taking this project forward, please come and join us.

Together, we can keep Warsop’s community connected.